G. V. Prasad
Company Name : Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited
Designation : Vice-Chairman & CEO | Title : Setting Standards

Talent and hard work are the real barometers of success in life and G.V. Prasad, Vice-Chairman and CEO, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited has proved ample number of times in the past that talent helps one to make breakthroughs and hard work propels one to higher heights.

A leader in true sense, Prasad knows it well that the quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves. Prasad has done the same - propelling himself and his staff to touch newer grounds of success and achievements.

A Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA and an MS in Industrial Administration from Purdue University, this visionary corporate leader has charted his path of progress through Dr. Reddy's Labs. As Chief of the domestic pharma company, Prasad has achieved monetary success through basic research. He helped the company make a successful transition from bulk drugs to formulations. Prasad has been playing a pivotal role in putting the company in the global map of pharmaceuticals success.

In fact, Prasad is the key player in driving Dr. Reddy's growth and transformation from a corporate house selling API, Branded Formulations and Generics to becoming a discovery-led global pharmaceutical company. Prasad has upheld the motto of globalization and is the architect of the company’s global generics strategy.

Known for his out of box approach to problems, Prasad has helped create new platforms for Dr. Reddy's in the Custom Pharmaceutical Services, Discovery Services and Specialty Pharmaceutical segments. A firm believer in resourceful manpower, he has built a diverse, talented and experienced senior management team in India, Europe and the US for the company.

Engaged in driving Dr. Reddy's growth in the two largest markets - US and Europe, Prasad has also been instrumental in strengthening the company's R&D. It is no surprise that Dr Reddy's safe, innovative, and high quality finished dosage, active pharmaceutical ingredients and biological products have reached over 100 countries including US, Europe, Russia, Asia Pacific, India and China.

Given the growth of Dr Reddy's in recent years, one can be doubly sure that the firm under Prasad's pragmatic vision and dynamic leadership would soon be joining the bandwagon of global pharma companies.